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    We are the leading consultancy firm in understanding earth’s subsurface

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    To become a leading Geo-Consultancy firm in the understanding of all geological matters, be it  utilization, restoration,...

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    To provide our clients with quality consultancy services in Geological,Geophysical,Geotechnical and environmental investigations.

  • GeoWorld Consultants Ltd

    Leading consultancy firm in understanding earth’s subsurface.

Geo World Consultants limited was formed upon the realization that the best approach to understanding earth subsurface is through integrated geological (including GIS and Remote Sensing), geophysical and geotechnical investigations.However, in the resultant development from the above investigations, environmental degradation twined with economic decline takes a sad toll in Kenya. Consequently, Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I.A) and………..

The following are the years to which the various projects where worked on and completed.

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